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European Commission

VHK Research is lead or consortium-partner in several (framework) contracts with the European institutions and national governments on Ecodesign and Energy Labelling. Specific contracts deal with preparatory studies, impact assessments, standardisation support and methodology. In  2015 subjects include industrial components (fans, compressors, pumps) as well as light sources, household appliances and building products. The studies handle environmental, economical and technical aspects. 

VHK Research has been active in sustainable design policies and products for over 30 years. It is operating with a compact team of engineering consultants reputed for their know-how and neutral stand.


Kemna presentation EP Debate 2015

René Kemna presented a methodology at a lunchtime-debate at the European Parliament.
Download the slides (PDF).



VHK Research has been manager and lead-researcher of the Monicair project. Monicair is a pre-competitive research project for and with the Dutch ventilation industry, supported by the Netherlands government. It has monitored indoor air quality, related energy use and many physical and behavioural parameters in 60 dwellings over a whole calender year. The project, the largest of its kind, evaluated the performance of more than 10 different types of mechanical ventilation systems and came to surprising results. Currently these results are being disseminated in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe to promote a healthy living environment, foster innovation and realise effective energy savings.

See also : www.monicair.nl