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Getting the message across

Most of our reports, presentations and websites are intended for government clients and for the public domain. As such, our work is subject to strict copyright restrictions, especially regarding studies paid by the European institutions.

For text-output this is relatively unproblematic: We deliver original texts and adhere to the rules of scientific publications, with full recognition of sources and other references. For larger projects, our reference lists often contain more than hundreds of references. Where we work with confidential databases, we adhere to the non-disclosure agreements and publish only what is agreed. For our work on standards, we fully respect copyrights of standardisation organisations and cite only as much as is needed.

As regards illustrations our work differs from that of other analysts. As much of our work is product-related and technical, illustrations are imperative for an effective communication. Illustrations and diagrams constitute a considerable, labour-intensive part of our work. Because of the copyright restrictions, but also because it is often not desirable to use pictures where the brand or manufacturer can be recognised, we often cannot rely on external sources and make illustrations ourselves. This ranges from simple tables and standard spreadsheet diagrams to illustrations, Sankey-diagrams and photo-realistic computer renderings. Our tools include

  • Spreadsheet programmes for standard diagrams and tables
  • Common vector- and pixel programs for free-form diagrams, symbols and icons
  • e!Sankey for Sankey (energy- and mass flow) diagrams
  • SolidWorks for photo-realistic renderings

All illustrations on this website are made by VHK. Examples of our other graphics are given below. These examples are all taken from our work for the European Commission. Copyright is with the European Union, which means that reproduction is authorised provided the source and copyright is acknowledged (European Union, author VHK).


Sankey diagrams

Elaborated spreadsheet diagrams

Photo-realistic computer renderings


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